There are a number of different types of coffee drinks that you can get and making sense of the differences between them can be challenging.

This post will show you the differences between a frappe and a frappuccino, how they are made and what types of flavors that you can get them in.

So, What is the difference between a frappe and a frappuccino? Frappe is an iced drink that has been blended and is often served with whipped cream and other toppings it will normally also be made with coffee. Frappuccino is an iced cappuccino blended with milkshake and other flavorings it is trademarked by Starbucks.

Depending on how the frappe or the frappuccino is made, there are actually a number of differences between them and they can vary wildly in the way that they taste depending on the flavor that you get.

Differences between frappe and frappuccino

Below, I will mention the differences between frappe and frappuccino, how they taste and their flavors.


Frappe simply refers to a chilled drink that has been blended. It does not have to be made with coffee but it usually is.

The way that the frappe tastes will largely depend on the way that it is made. However, if you make it using coffee, milk and milkshake, which is a common mixture, then it will likely taste cold and sweet.

The video below shows you how to make a Greek frappe which is a combination of instant coffee, ice and milk.

Frappe is also a very popular drink that is served at McDonalds. There are a number of different flavors that you can get.

One of the more popular flavors is the Mocha Frappe which is made with chocolate syrup, some coffee is blended with ice and is topped with whipped cream.

Things to consider when making a frappe

When making a frappe of your own there are a number of things to consider.

If you want the frappe to taste more creamy or sweet then it will be necessary for you to use more milk and to use slightly less coffee.

Whereas, if you want it to have a stronger coffee taste then it will be necessary for you to use more coffee.

The type of coffee that you use will also have an impact on the way that it tastes.

If you use coffee beans that are from a single origin, when making the coffee, then it will likely result in it having a slightly more sour taste. Whereas, if you use coffee beans that are a blend of beans from a variety of sources then it will likely cause the coffee to have a more balanced flavor.

The type of roast that the beans have will also be a useful thing to consider. If they have a light roast then it will cause the coffee to be more sour. Whereas, a dark roast will likely cause it to taste more bitter.

Additionally, using espresso to make the frappe instead of brewed coffee will likely give the frappe a stronger coffee taste.

Questions people ask about frappe

Can you make frappes with a blender? Yes, frappes are usually made using blenders. They are made by blending a number of cold things together such as ice cream, milkshake or ice.

Do frappes taste like coffee? Frappes do not have to be made with coffee so it depends on whether or not it is made with coffee. However, most frappes are made with coffee so they will normally have a slight coffee taste. The coffee taste will normally be reduced by the other liquids that it is mixed with.

Do frappes have milk? Frappes will normally contain milk or dairy. This is because milk or milkshakes are commonly used to make frappes with.

Are frappes hot? No, frappes are usually not hot. This is because they are made by blending a number of things together such as ice, milkshake, ice cream or milk. There may be hot items mixed in with them such as espresso but this will not be enough to stop it from being cold.


Frappuccino traditionally refers to when cappuccino, which is espresso mixed with foamed and steamed milk, is mixed with milkshake.

However, Starbucks trademarked the name and now Frappuccino is more like a milkshake that has been mixed with other flavorings. Frappuccino will usually include coffee. However, there are a number of offerings now that do not contain any coffee.

There are a number of different frappuccino flavors that you can get and two of the more popular ones are the Mocha and Vanilla flavors. The Mocha flavor has a more chocolatey taste and the vanilla flavor tastes more like vanilla.

Can you make frappuccino at home?

It is possible to make drinks that taste very similar to frappuccino, at home, yourself.

If you want to try and make your own frappuccino then the video below shows how to make drinks that taste similar to the frappuccino’s that you can get at Starbucks.

Questions that people ask about frappuccinos

Are frappuccinos hot? No, frappuccinos are cold. They are made by blending milkshake with other things such as flavorings, ice and coffee. This means that they are cold and they have a sweet taste.

If you are looking for a hot version of a frappuccino then consider the cappuccino. The cappuccino is made by adding steamed milk and foamed milk to espresso. It has a strong coffee like taste but it is also creamy and slightly sweet. You can usually order cappuccino’s at coffee shops and it is easy to make yourself if you have an espresso machine or a pod-style espresso machine that does it automatically.

Are frappuccinos cold? Yes, frappuccinos are cold. This is because they are made with milkshake and ice.

Are frappuccinos decaf? Most frappuccinos are not decaf. However, there are a number of offerings, from Starbucks, that are decaf.

Are frappuccinos sweet? Yes, frappuccinos are sweet. This is because they will normally be made with milkshake and other sweeteners.


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