If you’re planning on going to college soon and you like coffee then you might be wondering whether or not you’ll be able to bring a coffee maker to the dorms with you.

So, are coffee makers allowed in dorms? Normally, coffee makers are allowed as long as they do not have a hot plate. This means that pod-style coffee makers will generally be allowed but drip-style coffee makers will not usually be allowed.

If you are thinking about bringing a coffee maker with you to the dorms then it would help to look at the website of your university to see what sort of items are allowed.

It will usually be the case that the university will not allow machines with an external heating element such as a hot plate so it will be necessary to use a coffee maker where the heating element is hidden.

It would also help to consider whether or not the dorms feature a shared kitchen area. If they do have one then it might be the case that it won’t be necessary for you to bring a coffee maker with you since you could make the coffee there.

What type of coffee maker to bring to college

If you do decide to bring a coffee maker with you to college then there are a number of different coffee makers to choose from.


To make coffee using a pod-style coffee maker it will just be necessary for you to put a pod and water into the machine and then to press a button to make the coffee.

Pod-style coffee makers will normally have a hidden heating element so pod-style coffee makers will be more likely to be allowed to be used in the dorms at the university.

Pod-style coffee makers will not give you coffee that tastes as fresh as what you would get from coffee brewed using ground coffee.

However, they do still make good tasting coffee, there will be fewer opportunities for you to make a mess in the dorm and they are quick and easy to use.

The pod-style coffee maker that I would recommend the most would be this one on Amazon.

Traditional coffee makers

Most coffee makers will use the drip method which is where ground coffee is placed in a filter, hot water is allowed to drip onto it and then the brewed coffee drips into a glass below the filter.

To make coffee using a traditional coffee maker you just need to put ground coffee into the filter and then to put water into the glass container below it and then to turn the machine on.

The advantages of using traditional coffee makers are that they are normally inexpensive, they are not difficult to use and they will allow you to brew a lot of coffee in one go.

However, there will be the chance that you might make a mess when moving the coffee grounds about and they might not be allowed in the dorm since they will normally have an external heating element to heat the water.

The traditional coffee maker that I would recommend the most would be this one on Amazon.

Dual pod and drip-style

There are coffee makers that can make coffee either using ground coffee or by using pods.

This means that if you are in the mood for a quick coffee without having to take the time to make and wait for the coffee then you can just put a pod in the machine and press a button. On the other hand, if you want a fresher tasting coffee then you will have the ground coffee method available to you.

The dual pod and drip-style coffee maker that I would recommend would be this one on Amazon.

Automatic espresso machines

If you like espresso and are thinking of bringing an espresso machine to college then an automatic espresso machine would likely be the best option.

To make espresso using an automatic espresso machine it is just necessary for you to put water and coffee beans into the machine and to press a button. The machine will grind the beans, tamp them and brew the espresso for you.

This would be ideal for college since you will not need to grind or tamp the coffee beans yourself which will help you to avoid making a mess in the dorm room.

The automatic espresso machine that I would recommend the most would be this one on Amazon.

However, automatic espresso machines will usually have external milk steamers which can get hot. This might be considered as an external heating element by your university which might cause it not to be allowed there. If that is the case then I would suggest getting a pod-style espresso machine such as this one on Amazon instead.

Semi-automatic espresso machines

To make espresso using a semi-automatic machine you need to grind and tamp the coffee beans and to time the espresso shot yourself. However, this does give you full control over the taste of the espresso.

Semi-automatic espresso machines will normally feature a milk steamer which could be considered as an external heating source.

The semi-automatic espresso machine that I would recommend the most would be this one.


Are Keurig coffee makers allowed in college dorms? Normally, coffee makers with a hot plate are not allowed in dorms. However, Keurig coffee makers feature an internal heating element so they will usually be considered as ok to use. However, it would help to ask your university beforehand.


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