This post will show you if black apples exist, where they are grown and how they taste.

Black apples do exist. They are called black diamond apples and they are grown in the mountains in Tibet. Black diamond apples are high in glucose and have a very sweet taste to them.

Do black apples exist?

Believe it or not, but there are actually black apples. Black Diamond apples are grown in Nyingchi, which is a small remote city in the mountainous region of Tibet.

In addition, there is another black apple called the Arkansas black apple which is really a very dark red color.

However, black apples are very rare and most of the apples you will find will be red or green.

What color apples exist?

The different colors of apples that you can find are red, green, yellow, white or black.

There was a video that claimed to have shown a tree growing blue apples. However, the blue apple that they showed was actually shown to be painted on. In addition, you can see that the tree is bearing apples with normal colors so the tree is not growing blue Apples.

Can Apples turn black?

Apples are not supposed to turn black. The only reason why an apple might start to appear black would be due to rotting or bruising.

What does a black apple taste like?

The black diamond apple is very high in glucose so it has a very sweet taste. It also has a honey-like taste to it.

Where can you get black apples?

Black apples are found in the mountains of Tibet. They are a very red breed of apple that is grown in this region. The apples are said to be very sweet and juicy.


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