If your bacon has a grey color to it, this post will show you likely reasons why and what you can do about it.

Your bacon is likely to be grey as a result of either the oxidization process due to being left out for too long or as a result of being cured using salt and nitrates. If the bacon smells bad or has a green/blue color to it, the best option would be to discard the bacon.

Why is my bacon grey?

If your bacon is grey before you have started cooking it, the most likely reason is that the bacon has gone off. This would be especially likely if the bacon is also a green or blue color.

When the bacon has too much air exposure, it can result in the bacon going grey. The safest option would be to discard the bacon.

Why is my bacon grey after cooking?

If your bacon is grey after cooking, it might also be because the bacon has gone bad. However, it could also be because the bacon was cured using salt and nitrates which can result in the bacon having a greyish color after being cooked.

In this case, you could cook it for slightly longer to ensure that it has been cooked thoroughly.

In addition, it might be the case that you have undercooked the bacon. Cooked bacon should have a slightly brownish color to it in some areas.

Also, the way you cooked the bacon will be another factor. Bacon cooked on the pan should have a brownish color to it. However, bacon cooked with other methods such as in the microwave, will be more likely to have a greyish color to it.

In general, bacon is considered to be done when it is crisp and golden brown in color. You can use a kitchen thermometer to figure out when it is cooked to your desired level of doneness. The USDA recommends cooking bacon to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Signs that bacon has been undercooked

There are some signs that bacon is undercooked. The first is that it will be pale in color and will not have the characteristic crispness that bacon typically has.

Another sign is that the fat will not be rendered and will be visibly present on the bacon. Also, the bacon will have a strange smell to it when you open the packaging.

Lastly, undercooked bacon will not have the same flavor as bacon that has been cooked properly.

Signs that bacon is overcooked

There are a few signs that bacon is overcooked. The first is that it will be hard to the touch. This is because the fat has started to render out, making the bacon tough.

The second sign is that the bacon will be darker in color. This is because the sugars in the bacon have started to caramelize, giving it a burnt appearance. The third sign is that the bacon will have a strong flavor.

This is because the bacon has been exposed to high heat for too long, causing the fat and meat to break down and release their flavors.

Why is my bacon grease grey?

If the grease is grey before you have cooked it, it would be a sign that the bacon has started to go off.

Bacon grease is grey because it is the rendered fat from bacon that has been cooked. When bacon is cooked, the fat melts and the meat begins to render out its fat.

However, this should really be more of a brown color as opposed to grey.

The fat is what gives bacon its flavor, so when it is cooked, the flavor is concentrated in the fat. The longer bacon is cooked, the darker the fat will become.

Can you eat grey bacon?

As mentioned above, it is very possible that your bacon is grey because it has started to go off.

However, it might be because it is not a cured bacon and is using salt and natural nitrates. If it seems likely that your bacon is off, such as due to a smell or it has a green/blue color to it, you should discard it.

How to prevent bacon from going grey

The primary reason why bacon will go grey before cooking is that it has had too much air exposure.

Bacon should be tightly wrapped to prevent air exposure and should be stored in the fridge. When storing bacon in the refrigerator, it is best to use it within one week.

What to do if my bacon is grey?

What you should do with your grey bacon will largely depend on the cause. If your bacon is grey as a result of oxidization/being left out for too long, you should discard it.

Whereas, if you have bought a bacon that is not cured, it would be more likely that the bacon is actually meant to look that way.


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