This post will show you if you can drink almond-soaked water and why it would be a bad idea.

It is not recommended to drink almond soaked water. This is because almond-soaked water contains tannins, phytates, and cyanide compounds.

Can you drink almond soaked water?

A part of the reason why to soak almonds in water is that it releases tannins contained in the skin of the almonds. Tannins can cause almonds to taste bitter. When soaking almonds in water the tannins get released into the water.

In addition, soaking almonds releases phytates as well as cyanide compounds which are not desired. So, drinking the almond soaked water will defeat the benefits of soaking the almonds.

Some people argue that the issue is that carbon dioxide gets released into the water. However, this is not such an issue because it is only a small amount and actually there are a lot of other drinks that also have CO2 gas in them such as fizzy drinks.

In addition to this, you may not like the taste of the water anyway.

The problems with drinking almond soaked water

The problem with drinking almond soaked water is that it contains all of the bad stuff that you want to get rid of from almonds. By drinking the almond soaked water, you defeat the purpose of soaking the almonds in the first place.

What to do with water after soaking almonds?

One option is to use the water to give to plants. While we don’t want that added CO2 content in the water, the plants do want it. Alternatively, you could just pour the water away.

Before eating the almonds, it is important to rinse them so that you get rid of any of the soaked water that is still on them. After doing that, you can pat them dry using a towel.


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