If you like coffee from Starbucks pods but you have a Nespresso machine then you’re probably wondering whether or not they can be used on the Nespresso machine.

So, can I use Starbucks pods in my Nespresso machine? Starbucks now makes pods that can be used specifically with Nespresso machines. However, if your Nespresso machine is a Vertuo then it will be necessary to use VirtuoLine pods made specifically by Nespresso.

Will using Starbucks pods damage my Nespresso machine?

If you use the Starbucks pods on an OriginalLine Nespresso machine then it shouldn’t cause it to get damaged. This is because the capsules were made specifically to be used on OriginalLine Nespresso machines. You can read about the partnership announcement here.

However, the pods are not designed to be used on Nespresso machines from the VertuoLine. So, if you have one of those machines it will be necessary to use pods designed specifically for the VertuoLine by Nespresso such as these pods here. The reason for this is that these machines are designed to use special capsules that tell the machines the strength, length and type of coffee inside.

You can see about the differences between the Original and Vertuo Nespresso machines in the video below.

Where can I get Starbucks pods that work with the Nespresso machine?

To get Starbucks pods that can be used with OrigninalLine Nespresso machines you can go online and get them on Amazon here or you can get them from a Starbucks store. If you’re from the Uk then you can get them online here.

What pods will work with VertuoLine machines?

Only pods made by Nespresso specifically for the VertuoLine will work on these machines. This is because they need a special type of pod where they will scan the barcode on the pod so that they can get information about the strength, length and coffee inside. This is because they will make the coffee in a different way depending on the type of coffee inside.

What pods will work with OriginalLine machines?

There are many third party pods that work with the OriginalLine machines.

These can include pods made by HiLine, Lavica, Gournesso, Jones Brothers and Caddesso.

With that being said there have been some reports of third-party pods not being able to work with newer machines made by Nespresso. This is because newer Nespresso machines have a very thin needle that is not always able to pierce third party capsules.

So, if you have a newer Nespresso model it would likely be safer to use Capsules made specifically by Nespresso or to use pods that have been specifically designed for the machine.

Should I get a Nespresso machine?

If you are thinking of getting a Nespresso machine but you’re not sure whether or not you should then here are some things to consider.

The benefit of getting a Nespresso machine is that it is fast and consistent.

Making an espresso yourself can be challenging at times and it can involve a lot of work. To make an espresso using a traditional machine it will be necessary for you to choose the correct type of beans, to grind the beans, to put the right dose of the grind into the portafilter, to ensure that the pressure and temperature settings are correct and to tamp the grind correctly.

As a result of all of that, it can be difficult to make a good espresso every time since there are a number of factors that you can mess up. When you do make a good espresso using traditional machines it can also be difficult to replicate it since it can be hard to get all of the variables to be exactly the same as they were when it was good.

Whereas, with Nespresso machines most of the variables have been controlled for you. All that it will be necessary for you to do is to select the right pod and to ensure that the machine is filled with water. This will mean that you will be able to get a consistent tasting espresso that is not bitter or sour every time.

However, people have different tastes and with espresso machines, there is more room to experiment with all of the different variables until you are able to make an espresso that you like. This is not so easy to do with a Nespresso machine since you do not have the same amount of control over it.

With that being said there are a wide variety of capsule flavors available so it would be unlikely that you won’t be able to find a flavor that you like.

What Starbucks pods flavors are there that are designed for Nespresso?

There are a number of different flavors to choose from that are specifically designed for Nespresso.

You can get “House Blend” which is a medium roast and produces a Lungo type espresso. This blend gives a more rich taste than other options.

Then there is the “Guatemala Antigua” which uses a single origin bean with a medium and has a cocoa taste to it.

You can get one sourced from Colombia which gives a more nutty but balanced taste.

You can get a single origin pod made with beans from Kenya that is a medium roast which gives a more intense taste.

Finally, there is a dark roast blend option which is supposed to give the richest flavor.

You can see all of the flavors that are available from Starbucks that are specifically designed to be used with Nespresso OrigninalLine machines here.


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