You might have recently seen claims on the internet that blue apples are real. This post will show you if blue apples exist and what the rarest type of apple is.

Blue apples do not exist. A video that claimed to have shown blue apples was shown to have been faked and the blue apple had actually been painted blue.

Blue is actually a very rare color in nature and there are very few fruits that are actually blue.

Are blue apples real?

Blue apples are not real. There was a video that claimed to have shown a tree growing blue apples. However, the blue apple that they showed was actually shown to be painted on. In addition, you can see that the tree is bearing apples with normal colors so the tree is not growing blue Apples.

What is the rarest color of apple?

Believe it or not, but there are actually black apples. Black Diamond apples are grown in Nyingchi, which is a small remote city in the mountainous region of Tibet.

In addition, there is another black apple called the Arkansas black apple which is really a very dark red color.

Can apples turn blue?

Apples are not really meant to turn blue. The only way that they might develop a blueish color is if they become bruised or if they start rotting.


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